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spacedose.com is the premier source of space exploration, innovation, and astronomy knowledge. we are doing something new in space every sec. , every day we discover different objects and space knowledge is increasing at a very high rate. here we provide a good and easy to understand concepts of the knowledge of the space exploration and universe. here you find all the basic information about the space and universe and all the small and useful terms related to space and universe.

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All the information provided here is in the Hindi language so that everybody can understand the things easily and also in the best way. hope you all like our efforts.

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19 dec 2016 we started a youtube channel “Documentry library” which is a great source of space and universe knowledge through great videos. but spacedose.com comes to light when it seems that there is also a need of space knowledge in blog form. so we started with the great mission to provide a good and best knowledge of space and universe to the viewers. this is a small step towards the awareness related to the space science and science and technology.


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