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In this Astronomy Quiz, questions related to space science will be asked which will be related to some common knowledge of astronomy. In this quiz, the following four answers to each question will be given to you, out of which only one answer is correct you have to choose the correct answer, And you can test the general knowledge of your astronomy with this quiz.

In the Milky Way there are approximately
A line through the three stars in Orion's belt points toward which one of the following stars?
When a superior planet is at opposition it is making an angle of how many degrees with the sun?
In the lowest level of the photosphere of the Sun, the temperature is:
A first magnitude star is how many times brighter than a second magnitude star?
Which of the following constellations has more bright stars than any other constellation?
Which of the following words best describes the shape of our galaxy?
A pulsar is actually a:
The orbital plane of the moon is how many degrees inclined from the ecliptic?
A Galactic year is the length of time that it takes our sun to orbit the galaxy. In Earth years, how long is a Galactic year?
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