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Planet Earth
Our Earth planet Facts

Our Planet Earth. . . . . . . A green water and life-long planet Earth is the third planet in our solar system. Earth is included in the four main rocky planets of our solar system. it is the largest planet in all rocky planets, and Earth is also the fifth largest planet in our solar system. Earth is a planet where we all live and the only planet in our solar system where human life exists.


Earth is the only planet whose name was not named according to Greek and Roman Mythology,Earth’s name derived from an old English Word Eatha.


Our Planet earth is almost round but due to its rotation, it is flat on the poles. Our earth’s average diameter is approximately 12742 kilometers. The inner part of our earth is also like the other rocky planets, This is also divided into three parts. The top surface is called crust. The thickness of the crust is about 6 km in which the silicate is found mainly, And under it, heavy elements are found which we call mental and the core is found at the center of the earth. The inner core of the Earth is completely rocky but elements in the liquid form in its core are also found. The upper rocky layers of the surface of the earth are divided into large pieces, which we call tectonic plates. These are the large pieces of the surface on our Planet Earth which keep on moving continuously.


The total surface area of the Earth is approximately 510 million km square, and 70.8% of it is spread over the area of seas. Under these seas, mountain volcanoes are also known as marine organisms, flora, and fauna. There remaining 29.9 percent land of the earth’s area is dry land. on this land, our seven major continents of the earth are inhabited, and on this large area of dry land, deserts, grounds, and other land feature areas are found on the earth.

Water on Earth

In our whole solar system, the earth is the only planet where water is found in all three states and this is the most important feature of the earth. Due to water, our earth looks blue on seeing from space and that is why it is called The Blue Planet. Large quantities of water is found in the oceans, about 97.5% of the total water of the earth is saline, that is it is not potable, because salt is mixed in most of the sea water. And the remaining 2.5% water is drinkable. 68.7 percent of the same potable water is accumulated in the form of ice on the poles of our earth.


Our Earth’s atmosphere is most special in our entire solar system because the environment creates such conditions for a planet that can make life easier on it and the earth is capable of doing it all the way. In our environment, 75% nitrogen and 21% of oxygen is found in the atmosphere. In addition, carbon dioxide and other gas and water vapor are also found in the earth atmosphere. At the poles of the Earth, our atmosphere is about 8 kilometers in height. But the height of the atmosphere near the equator goes up to 17 kilometers.

Our Earth’s atmosphere is specially made and it is also responsible for keeping our life alive because as soon as the asteroid and other objects from the outer space collide with our planet. as soon as they enter the atmosphere of our earth they got burnt by the dense atmosphere of the earth. Apart from this, there are many more gases in our Earth’s atmosphere which are very important for life on Earth. The Green House Effect on the Earth is also possible due to these gases and the atmosphere is also a big help. These gases do not allow the heat energy to go out of the Earth which is coming from the sun. And this is because our temperature is much higher than that of outer space. If our planet does not have a greenhouse effect then our earth temperature will drop to -18 degree Celsius, and in that situation life on earth may not be possible.

Orbit and Rotation

Our Planet earth is located at 150 million kilometers from the Sun. It takes 365.2564 days to complete one revolution of the Sun. Our Earth completes one round on its axis in 24 hours. Earth rotates around the sun at a speed of km/second. This speed is so high that it will take only 7 minutes to reach the distance of our Earth’s diameter (Diameter of Earth = 12742 km). From our Earth to the Moon, It will take only 3.5 hours to cover the distance.

Earth’s inclination

Our earth is tilted about 23.439281 degrees on its axis, and due to this inclination, the light coming from the sun on our earth changes over time, and this is why the weather on our earth is formed.


There are mainly four seasons on our earth, summer, winter, spring, and autumn. The days of summer are often long and during the same winter time, the sun appears for a short time and therefore the days in winter are small. The same day is very long on the poles of our earth, there are 6 months of day and 6 months of the night on the poles because the sunlight does not reach the poles for 6 months due to the inclination of our earth. That is why the poles have day and night for 6 months

Life on Earth

Earth is the only planet in our solar system where life is possible because the conditions on our earth are such that the same conditions are not found on other planets in our solar system. As our Earth is located in the right place in the Solar System, we call the Goldilocks Zone because in the Goldilocks zone we get water in liquid form which is necessary for the existence of life on any planet. Apart from this, our environment is present on our planet Earth, which has oxygen and carbon dioxide, from which organisms and tree plants exchange gases for their life.

Our geological structure of the earth, magnetic field, tilt of its axis, the speed of rotation on its axis and its climate are some such factors which are a major cause of life on Earth.


Moon is the only natural satellite of our planet Earth. The moon is tidally locked from our earth and for this reason, we have not yet seen the second face of our moon. Because of the Moon’s gravitational force, the tides in the seas on our earth are formed. Our moon is the second most glorious object after the sun shining from the earth to the sky.

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