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In this Space and astronomy MCQ Quiz, questions related to space science will be asked which are related to some common knowledge of astronomy. In this quiz, the following four answers to each question will be answered, out of which only one answer is correct, you have to choose the right answer. And you can test the general knowledge of your astronomy with this quiz

A device which would not work on the Moon is
With which one of the following astronomical objects are meteor showers associated?
In what year did Galileo first use an optical telescope to study the moon?
The Great Red Spot is related to the planet ?
95% of the Martian atmosphere is composed of what substance?
The gravity on the moon is what fraction of the gravity on the earth?
In kilometers, the earth's average distance from the sun is ?
Which planet has the shortest year?
The comet known as Halley's Comet has an average period of ?
: PRESENTLY, what is the farthest planet from the sun?
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