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In this Space and astronomy MCQ Quiz, questions related to space science will be asked which are related to some common knowledge of astronomy. In this quiz, the following four answers to each question will be answered, out of which only one answer is correct, you have to choose the right answer. And you can test the general knowledge of your astronomy with this quiz

Andromeda, the nearest galaxy which is similar to the Milky Way, is how far from the Earth ?
The precession of the Earth refers to the ?
The Magellanic cloud is a
The Sun rotates about it's own axis approximately
A white dwarf has a mass of roughly one solar mass but a size of about
Where are most asteroids located? Is it between
Which of the following men was the first to make systematic use of a telescope in astronomy?
How many of Jupiter's moons did Galileo see with his first telescope?
The term "Parsec", a unit of measure for interstellar space, is a contraction of what two words?
What is the name of the class that the andromeda Galaxy belongs to?
Astronomy Quiz
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