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 What is the Goldilocks Zone

The space or place near a star is very hot because it is very close to the star but if we go too far from the star, then the temperature will be very low. Due to the heat at the place near the star, we will get the water only in the gaseous state, but if we go away much then the water will get freeze due to low temperature. But now we move to such a place where the temperature is neither high nor low, meaning that the temperature is quite normal at this place and here water can be found in liquid form, this place we call the Goldilocks zone. The Goldilocks zone is an area around a star where the water on the planets can be found in liquid form.

Why the Goldilocks Zone Is Important

The imagination of the world with water on it

It is believed that our life began with water only. When the earth was born, at that time the earth was very hot and probably there was no water on earth at that time, and for this reason, perhaps there was no life on Earth at that time. The beginning of life on earth has happened only a few hundred thousand years ago. From this, we can have an idea that when the water on the earth came to the liquid state and the atmosphere here was absolutely worth living, then life began on earth.

Similarly, water for our life is very important in liquid state and water on a planet will be in a liquid state only when the planet will be at exactly the right distance from its star where there is neither much heat nor much cold and this place We call the Goldilocks Zone. In the Goldilocks zone, water is found on a planet in a liquid state, as if our earth is at the right distance from our sun, There is not so much heat on earth that the water here will become a steam, and it is too cold that the earth’s water gets frozen. The temperature and environment conditions here are perfect, which keep the water present here in a liquid state.

Where is the Goldilocks Zone located on

If we talk about our solar system, then our earth always lives in the Goldilocks zone, but our neighboring planet Mars is also in the Goldilocks zone but there is no water in liquid form. Except for our solar system, if we talk about any other solar system in our galaxy, the Goldilocks zone depends on the size of a star. If the star is too much, then its Goldilocks zone will be too big and will be far away from the star, but if the star is small then its Goldilocks zone will start from its very closest and stay only a few distances. The possibility of life on planets in areas around large stars is more likely because the Goldilocks zone of big stars is always bigger and it spreads far too far. In the case of small stars, such a possibility is very low.

Is the Goldilocks Zone a Sign of Life?

Life Form In Unicellular Form

Having a planet in the Goldilocks zone does not prove that life is completely possible there. Goldilocks Zone is the distance from the star where water can be found in the liquid state. At this place, the temperature is neither high nor low. But the possible existence of life on a planet depends on the environment and circumstances of it whether or not a planet is in the Goldilocks zone.  if the atmosphere there is very thin and along with the atmosphere, if the planet’s gravity is too low then the water cannot be present in liquid form, the water will soon become vapor because the atmosphere and gravity Both are not present. But if the atmosphere of a planet is very thick and the atmosphere of it is exactly like the Venus planet of our solar system, then even water cannot be found in the liquid state because the water present on that planet will become evaporated from the Extreme heat there.

Actually, these two examples are of our own solar system. Venus is also very close to the Goldilocks zone of our solar system, but the water is not found in the liquid state and the second example is Mars, which is completely in the Goldilocks zone. But the atmosphere there is very thin, which Can not keep the water flying from its surface, And the gravitational force of it is not so much that it can hold the molecules of the water going away from its surface. So being a planet in Goldilocks zone does not confirm that life on this planet is possible.

Life in the Goldilocks Zone

Scientists have found many Goldilocks zones around stars in many places outside of our solar system, Where the temperature is perfectly suited for life, and the big deal is that there are also planets in the Goldilocks zone which is exactly like our Earth, which we often call super-earths. NASA had also made an announcement that he has found a star called Trappist-1, which has 7 planets in the Goldilocks zone. These seven planets are very close to their stars Trappist-1 and all these planets are very close to each other but there is a great possibility of life due to being in the Goldilocks zone. There is a possibility of life on a planet in Goldilocks only when the environmental conditions are favorable for life, And apart from Trappist-1, we have found many such stars, where the conditions for life on the planets are perfectly suited and they are also in the Goldilocks zone.


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